[conspire] July 28th CABAL's later start time, and an invitation

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jul 16 18:30:05 PDT 2012

I wrote:

> I'm going to be late for the start of CABAL next time, Saturday, July
> 28th, because I'm going to be off for a fun day of sea-kayaking in
> Drake's Estero, Point Reyes -- so I've changed the official start time
> to 6 PM for that day (only).
Mark Weisler has kindly volunteered to show up around 4 PM to get things
going, so I'm now revising that back to the regular 4 PM start time.
I'll be rejoining you a couple of hours after that, as it takes about
that long to drive back down from West Marin.

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