[conspire] July 28th CABAL's later start time, and an invitation

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jul 15 15:43:40 PDT 2012

I'm going to be late for the start of CABAL next time, Saturday, July
28th, because I'm going to be off for a fun day of sea-kayaking in
Drake's Estero, Point Reyes -- so I've changed the official start time
to 6 PM for that day (only).

Also, if anyone would like to join me on the REI (Recreational
Equipment, Inc.) Kayak Tour, Point Reyes, please speak up.  I'd 
be glad to drive one or two other participants up and back.

  Kayak Tour - Point Reyes

  Description: Join REI guides for a kayaking tour of magnificent Drake's
  Estero, offered in partnership with Point Reyes National Seashore
  Association's Field Seminars. This 7,800 acre estuarine wilderness
  contains vast, thriving eelgrass beds, providing a home to a diverse
  marine ecosystem including bat rays and leopard sharks, which we look
  for as we paddle. This is also an amazing location for viewing shore and
  water birds including herons, egrets, osprey, pelicans and more. After
  an orientation and safety briefing, we will explore the estuary, and
  depending on conditions, we'll paddle between 5 and 9 miles round trip.
  Lunch is provided. Pre-requisite: No prior kayaking experience is
  required, but students must be physically able to paddle up to 9 miles.

  Skills you'll learn:

  Gain confidence and experience while kayaking at this iconic
  destination. Explore the eelgrass beds and look for leopard sharks and
  bat rays!

  Duration: 7 hours


There are still three openings available for the event.  Fees are $120
if you're an REI member, $20 more if you aren't.  REI is an excellent
co-op business, which you should consider joining if you aren't already
a member.

REI provides everything including the kayaks.

Drake's Estero (estuary), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drakes_Estero, is
about two hours' drive north of Menlo Park, or maybe a little bit more,
depending on traffic through S.F. and lower Marin County, so I'll be
departing Menlo Park a bit _before 7 AM_ -- but welcome company if
anyone else is up for this.

Don't be intimidated by that 'paddle up to 9 miles' bit.  REI's
memberships lean heavily towards the mere-mortal side.

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