[conspire] How to make enemies through mailbombing

Geo. Perry geoperry at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 16:19:36 PDT 2012

I remember, some many years ago, Randy Mills presenting me a scrap of
paper: "flesh at wps.com"
... time passes
... Alex Bennet -- some thing of a pre-shock jock -- takes a dislike
to Randy, and encourages his internet-having listeners to mail Randy
to help drive his point home
... mail floods The Little Garden
... TJ -- citing this as a last-straw -- casts flesh out from The
Little Eden. -g

p.s... Randy found a new home, as did Euskal Herria Journal later in
'98, when Alex Bennet was Spain, & tlg was igc... mirroring, I thing,
really took off around then

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