[conspire] CABAL day coming up (Saturday); interest in a Sykes Hot Springs visit?

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Thu Feb 23 16:53:23 PST 2012

I plan to be at the CABAL meeting on 2/25, hopefully with Kelley.

I have a potato and leek soupmix that is gluten free and could be dairy
free also if the milk were added by the user (not the cook). Are you

I've been several times to the hot springs in Gilroy. I helped to have
family that's been in the Valley since to early 1920's, when this kind of
thing was more common. I doubt I'd be a very good hiker now, but I have
hope that my hip and back can be repaired - all caused by oncologist asking
about why I was limping. Strange.


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> Lookie what gcal says:
> $ cal
>   February 2012
> Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa
>          1  2  3  4
>  5  6  7  8  9 10 11
> 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
> 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
> 26 27 28 29
> That means this Satuday will be a CABAL day.  I'm likely to have a bunch
> more hardware to play with.  Les Faby was talking about bringing
> supplies for some homemade pizza, including one with a gluten-free crust
> so that Deirdre can have some.  I'll be thinking about other additions,
> but garlic bread is a given.
> Anyone also want to join me for a special hike, some weekend?  California
> has a lot of hot springs (driven by underground volcanic forces; part of
> the plus side of being on the Ring of Fire).  Some remain natural,
> others got included during Victorian days into formal spas.
> 1. Here's one that's fascinating but closed to the public for now:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilroy_Yamato_Hot_Springs
> It's very close in to the South Bay and a very attractive and historic
> site, but needs renovation before it can be opened again.  Only members
> of the Friends of Gilroy Hot Springs (volunteers attempting to fix the
> site) and state park rangers are permitted for now.
> 2. Tassajara Hot Springs is a bit further out, and part of the Zen monastic
> complex.  During the season, a modest fee and trip down a scary dirt
> mountain road permits day trips, and it's said to be very scenic and
> worth the trouble -- but this isn't the season.
> 3. The one I'm talking about is a bit further still, Sykes Hot Springs,
> which is a completely natural site next to Big Sur River.  Drive south
> of Carmel, 1/2 mile past Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park's main entrance, to
> Big Sur Forest Service Station (buy a parking permit, $5/day), enter the
> parking lot, park at the far end.  The trailhead of the Pine Ridge Trail
> is there, and it's the one you take.
> The hitch is that it's 11 miles of hiking up and down, inlands into the
> Ventana Wilderness in beautiful but rugged parklands.  This takes four
> hours.  Everyone says it's do-able even for middle-aged duffers,
> provided you're in reasonable shape.
> Upon going down trail switchbacks to the Big Sur River, the hot springs
> are findable a few hundred yards downstream on the same side of the
> river, as a set of three natural pools marked by rockpiles people have
> left.
> http://www.verber.com/mark/outdoors/destinations/sykes/
> I have in mind to soak in the hot tubs for an hour, and then hike back
> out, which takes about two to three hours.
> 4.  The near part of the Central Valley, not too far southeast of
> Livermore, includes the somewhat developed / privately owned-managed but
> very laid bad Mercey Hot Springs, https://merceyhotsprings.com/, $20 per
> person for 4 hours of day use, etc.  Would make a pleasant highlight for
> a bicycle ride.
> There are _many_ hot springs in the eastern Sierra where Deirdre and I
> were a couple of weeks ago, some of the undeveloped/free and some
> developed/private, but we didn't have time to visit any:
> http://gocalifornia.about.com/od/casierraactivities/a/hot_springs_eastern_california.htm
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