[conspire] Laptop_Mode_tools in Lubuntu?

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Fri Oct 21 09:16:20 PDT 2011

> Quoting jose tav (j_tav at yahoo.com):
>> I am trying to get more time usage out of my laptop battery. I used to
>> get 2.5 hours out of it, but now ... 1.5 hours at best. I installed
>> Lubuntu on a 32GB flash drive, (I like Lubuntu), It seems the internal
>> HD is always spinning, I would like to have it off while running from
>> the USB flash drive.

what do mount and cat /proc/swaps say?  Is your spinning hard drive
mentioned in either?  If you've confirmed there's no active use of
the drive by the above, you might look at hdparm:

 -B   set Advanced Power Management setting (1-255)
 -S   set standby (spindown) timeout
 -y   put drive in standby mode
 -Y   put drive to sleep
 -Z   disable Seagate auto-powersaving mode

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