[conspire] Granola & Laptop_Mode_Tools or just one?

jose tav j_tav at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 21:35:52 PDT 2011

This is the message I thought, posted last night... .

I am trying to get more time usage out of my laptop's battery. I used to get 2.5 hours out of it, but now ... 1.5 hours at best. I installed Lubuntu on a 32GB USB flash drive, (I like Lubuntu), It seems the internal HD is always spinning, I would like to have off while running from the USB flash drive.

Last night I installed the free <a href="http://download.cnet.com/Granola/9241-2094_4-11891606.html?messageID=10664359"> Granola </a>"> it seems to be helping but not by much. Then i heard about the  <a href="http://samwel.tk/laptop_mode/packages/ubuntu"> Laptop_Mode_Tools </a>. I tried unsuccessfully to find 'ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE= '. I did try grep (grep -o ENABLE_LAPTOP_MODE=) to find it, please, someone can tell me what is the correct way to run the command?. I want to check the settings of Ubuntu Natty and Lubuntu,
 I don't think I should have both on my laptop at the same time. I am afraid to created some conflicts between them. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

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