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My comments on Linux distros:  There are a lot of them, each with good and not so good points.

Ubuntu and many others are simple to install, but after a certain time they are not supported and you have to start over with a new install to get security upgrades. 

I was attracted to LMDE, a variant of Linux Mint that claims to support incremental upgrades. Alas it didn't work for me. Getting upgrades to existing software and getting "packages" for software not in the original install are basically the same process.  I could not load any of the additional features I wanted. You can read about it in the Conspire archives.

In the end, I went to Debian and have been quite happy.



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> Quoting:
>   No, you should not automatically gravitate towards
> Ubuntu, just
>   because that distribution is best-known in the USA.
> (Before 2011, this
>   FAQ item used to say "Red Hat" rather than "Ubuntu",
> but the
>   distribution touted to the masses changes from year
> to year.) One of the
>   glories of Linux is the richness of choices that you
> can sample _many_ of
>   at low cost. Consider trying several of them
> consecutively, using one of
>   the multi-distribution jewel-case sets described in
> a prior section.
>   I _personally_ strongly prefer the Debian 
> distribution, especially for
>   servers. However, newcomers should consider starting
> with Linux Mint,
>   Ultimate Edition, MEPIS Linux, PCLinuxOS, or Zenwalk
> Linux, for desktop
>   Linux machines (not Debian).
> (FAQ item goes on to detail what's missing from Ubuntu,
> etc.)
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