[conspire] Speculation on derivatives won't save your freedom (was: ...Flattr...)

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun Nov 13 08:39:05 PST 2011

Don Marti:
> begin Nick Moffitt quotation of Sun, Nov 13, 2011 at 09:22:41AM +0000:
> > Don Marti:
> > > Sure, the world has too many derivatives traders, but the free
> > > software scene has zero.
> > I would argue that that's a strength.
> In your view would one distribution that operated a bug market harm
> upstream or other distributions?

Oh, I'm sure the distribution that operated it would smile beatifically
and hold its hands in the air and say "but all we do is bring people
together!" while speculators hyped up the importance of irrelevant bugs
they knew a special fix for.  Consider the security fix where a coder
waits for lucrative hysteria to build before releasing the patch!

No, I'm sure the distributions would be more than willing to act like
it's Other People doing all the harm.

On my TV show, when I say "and where do we put policy?"
the audience will yell "USERSPACE!"  -- Sean Q. Neakums

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