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bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 16:25:02 PDT 2011

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1st. One should remember
that one uses rm under linux for deleting files . And under some nix
mail clients  r means reply and not remove . 

It looks like I managed to remove a
bunch of user data now . I suppose my earliest symptom was the lack
of filesystem choices in the installer but this is no Pardus where
you either give it's lvm. a drive or you do not install . I don't do
post install surgery on filesystems . I've found that as user I can
only graphically delete stuff from the trashcan and can only do it
through the dolphin file manager . 

Looking at the description of this
Kademar :'  Linux kernel 2.6.37 with the 200-line desktop performance
patch; a choice between KDE 3.5.10 and 4.5.5 desktop environment;
compressed caching in RAM with the compcache technology; Duck Duck Go
as the default search engine '... . So the kernel seems new enough .
I use an old version of puppy linux as my first repair tool , due to
speed . So I need to use something more recent when I work on ext4 .
Login failed after the deletions but the Gparted of CAElinux live
confirmed actual deletions and I resized the partition . Login to
KDE4.x as user worked . Re-login under KDE3. , video and freeciv test
 fine but I lost only where I moved the panel to in the DE. , as far
as I can tell .How hard is it to change that filesystem after install ?

 - Bruce
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