[conspire] boot failure , except text mode root .

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 1 01:21:42 PDT 2011

Quoting Bruce Coston (jane_ikari at yahoo.com):

> 'failing' means I get to enter my password as always but always get
> dumped back to that screen .


How exactly did you conclude that that's a filesystem problem?  Sorry,
I'm not following.  (Actually, I'm strongly suspecting that we were sent
on a wild goose chase.)

> After the check and fix function of the Gparted on CAElinux found nothing...

Maybe because there's no filesystem problem?

Bruce, I thought you knew better than to post a really bad guess
(interpretation) about your problem, omit the actual symptoms
completely, and then ask for help.  At bare minimum, I hope you now see
why that's a bad idea.

Anyway, so finally you are describing something that sounds like a raw
symptom of sorts:  Your logins (at what?  your X display manager?) fail
and take you back to login.

> I got a text screen as root 

Wait, weren't you saying your logins fail?  What, are you saying your
logins at the graphical login screen (X display manager) as non-root
user bcoston fail and dump you back to your graphical login screen, but
your logins at the same place as the root user do not?

If you want meaningful information and help, you need to be clear.

> but didn't succeed at removing any of the data files I was dumping there .

WTF does 'didn't succeed at' mean?  

You should slow down and take the trouble to be specific.  Bruce, stop
and grab a legal pad or a few sheets of paper.  Go back to the computer
in question and attempt the operations that demonstrate the problem(s).  
This time, take contemporaneous notes.  Then, when you're done trying
things, come back and describe the problem, using your notes.

> [ I tested against this kind of problem after initial install and find
> the current failure to indicate recklessness on part of bundler .: The
> Gparted of the CAElinux appears to  know what ext4 means .] 

You're spouting interpretations, again.  This is not useful.

> Tony ... ' and I didn't even know the distro. dumped ext4 onto the partition . 

In any distribution, partitioning is within your control.  You should
pay attention, and use what partition types and layouts _you want_.
Don't blame the installer if you didn't bother and let it choose on your
behalf without paying atteniton.

> I'm very suspicious of e2fsck as I remember something about ext4
> dumping some backwards compatibilities . 

Hey Bruce, listen up!  Nobody suggested using e2fsck.  I suggested

>  [ raw symptoms theoretically take up a lot of space . ]

I obviously didn't mean a massive, unselective infodump.  Use your head.

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