[conspire] boot failure , except text mode root .

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 00:37:16 PDT 2011

'failing' means I get to enter my password as always but always get dumped back to that screen . After the check and fix function of the Gparted on CAElinux found nothing , I got a text screen as root but didn't succeed at removing any of the data files I was dumping there . [ I tested against this kind of problem after initial install and find the current failure to indicate recklessness on part of bundler .: The Gparted of the CAElinux appears to  know what ext4 means .] I do notice something indicating that it can't start some mysql thing for lack of space while attempting to boot . Root only space won't help as dumb permissions defaults necessitated my using root to move the files from usb. mounted hd. , undoubtedly from an attempt to ' help ' ' stupid users ' ! Getting anything deleted through the trashcan represents a real pain under both Kademar and Pardus during the whole time we've used them . I agree with Tony's bit about ext4 ' ...
But ext3's been solid for us, so we're using that until we've a good
reason not to.

Tony ... ' and I didn't even know the distro. dumped ext4 onto the partition . 
I'm very suspicious of e2fsck as I remember something about ext4 dumping some backwards compatibilities . Does this latest CAElinux likely have an appropriate tool for the fsck - ing ? I can easily let Gparted give the partition another 33g. . 
 - Bruce , surprisingly unhurried . 
......What does 'failing' mean in current context?  It'll be easier to advise
you after you've detailed what specific symptoms you've encountered.
('Failing' is a an abstract interpretation you arrived at based on the
raw symptoms.  You should post the raw symptoms, ...
 [ raw symptoms theoretically take up a lot of space . ]
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