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I don't know about a distribution to use, but I'd image they all might have trouble buffering YouTube videos, disconnecting from wifi, suspending the laptop, and then still being able to play them later.

I suggest you use your favorite distro and a program called youtube-dl: 

It's in ubuntu and debian repos, but I believe there's always a little arms race going on with YouTube, so that version doesn't always work. Get the latest from github instead.

You can use this to download YouTube videos and later watch them with a video playing program like VLC.

On May 12, 2011, at 10:33 PM, bruce coston <jane_ikari at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I need to get a distro on one of my many small -ish laptop partitions that will play back youtube videos I suck at the library after I suspend to disk and go home during our many summer internet outages . My elive install suffers real problems with this after I take it off disk suspend back home . Kde3. prefered , the kde. situation has me contemplating open bsd. . I could sacrifice my 32g usb flash drive to this project . 
> I don't have the skill to do this anymore and need to know ahead of the event . 
> I'd also like to get squid on my untangle server box so I can see most of what I've done previously by just going back to the page . But I'm reluctant to lug it around . 
> If it's easy to miss serving up ads via domain resolution tricks , I'm not against getting that benefit cheap and easy . 
> How come a bunch of distro. don't let you administer graphically anymore ? It makes it look like all the elitist hatred talk about linux = true . 
> I'm also not so healthy lately . 
>  - Sincerely - Bruce
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