[conspire] Copyrights

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Mar 25 16:12:06 PDT 2011

Quoting kw6 at xmission.com (kw6 at xmission.com):

> Wow, the weight of your argument is simply overwhelming.  The world
> pauses to ponder and admire it.

Ah, I see your problem:  You assume what you say is worthy of respect
just because you've said it, _and_ that someone who mocks what you says
and doesn't take it seriously is making a personal comment about you.

Those aren't the case, you see.

You'll have a better time on the Internet after realising that having
particular sets of posted wording taken seriously is just not an
entitlement, and also that those declining to take something you say
seriously are typically talking about your words rather than about you.

> I trusted you, when I asked you to help me load and configure Linux
> on my laptop.  Now that you have told the world that you consider my
> data your data....

The foregoing is nothing at all like what I've said to you (or to anyone

Although, truth to tell, Keith, I cannot offhand put name and face
together, so if this all seems impersonal, it sort of is -- through no
ill will, as a lot of people pass through my house at CABAL meetings
over the years, and I'm at best mediocre with names.  (Sorry, really.
But also, I'm serious:  You _will_ probably make a better personal first
impression on the Internet generally if you fix your mail client
configuration so that you post with your fullname in the headers instead
of just your bare e-mail address.  And that'll be one fewer thing for
people to make fun of, when you suddenly get on a hobbyhorse.)

Relax, take a deep breath, and realise that someone who's merely mocks
the overheated and polemical tone and gutter rhetoric of some
proclamation you posted thereby takes no position whatsoever on the
matter you yourself are all up in arms about.

Clue:  I'm an author.  I write some things under deliberately
proprietary licensing, and it pisses me off when little Internet
munchkins operating from behind cover of anonymity ignore my generous
republishing terms and paste my work into dipshit Web forums.  And thus,
not being a hypocrite, I am in fact _extremely_ scrupulous to not
violate other people's copyrights -- although, if I think their terms
are unreasonable, I honour their terms by ignoring the works and
eliminating them from my life.

So, you see, your inference that I'm a fan of copyright violation is
jumping not only to conclusions for which you have no basis whatsoever,
but is in fact jumping straight into the locked psycho ward at Bedlam.

Tell you what:  I'm hoping and expecting that you're a bit embarrassed
by now, so I'm not even going to insist that you publicly apologise for
asserting that I 'consider your data my data'.  

On the whole, at this point, I recommend you just quietly drop where
you're going, while, so to speak, you're behind.

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