[conspire] Book Burning continues thanks to the Feds

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 24 20:45:11 PDT 2011

Er, maybe I shouldn't hang the proverbial lampshade on it, but I now
find myself impelled to apologise for being inadvertently rude.  (Mom
always says:  'A gentleman is never rude accidentally.')

I wrote:

> I hesitate to suggest promoting 'free culture' licensing ideas to the
> dossim, as they're probably way ahead of me on that.  (You tell me.
> I'm just the blond gentile agnostic guy with the Lutheran ancestors. ;->  )

_As_ that blond gentile agnostic guy with the Lutheran ancestors, I
suppose I could claim cluelessness, but honesty impels me to admit I
knew in the back of my mind that 'dossim' is pejorative slang 
(Yiddish-accented Hebrew for 'religious'), but forgot.[1]  Sorry.

I should have said (or meant to say) 'Haredim'.

[1] Whereas, 'DOS sim' is something wholly different.  For the perplexed:

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