[conspire] Book Burning continues thanks to the Feds

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 24 19:23:55 PDT 2011

Quoting Ruben Safir (ruben at mrbrklyn.com):

> No.  There is PROPERTY and EXCLUSIVE GRANTS which are not property.

Oh really?

Tell me why a a municipal bond is property despite being an exclusive
grant.  Tell me why mineral rights are property despite being an
exclusive grant.  

I think I'm driving the point into the ground, at this point.  You are
well aware of the fact that, functionally, 'property' is anything you
can buy, sell, or rent.  You just don't like that fact, and are pounding
the table as if that were logic.

> And then there is different kinds of property, real, chatel etc.

That was _my_ point, sir.  Property is simply a bundle of rights --
exactly as we are taught in law classes.  Various sorts of bundles
exist.  They are called 'property' if they behave like property, i.e.,
having the features of exclusivity and economic use.

In object oriented programming terms, one would say those are the
properties of property.

> And the section you want to particularly look at, BTW, is section 102.

I'm well aware of the scope of copyright, sir.  What's your point?

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