[conspire] Certificate rewrite concern

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Mar 15 15:58:20 PDT 2011

Quoting Tony Godshall (tony at of.net):

> ((BTW, did you notice I said dukgo and not google in the above?
> duckduckgo has been using the slogan "we don't track you, google
> does" lately and I've bought it so far.  Well, the former part- there's
> nothing to buy in the latter.))

I'm with you.

Wendy Selzer on Google 'personalising' all searches:

Joey Hess responding to that very change, the last straw for him, by
switching from Google to DuckDuckGo for Web searching:

When I read about that, I changed the 'Department of Google Juice' on
http://linuxmafia.com/ to a 'Department of Web-Search Juice' -- and
replaced the phrase 'googling' in my vocabulary with 'web-searching'.

As you'll note in the followups to Joey's post, DuckDuckGo is
Javascript-dependent (last I checked), and thus is
lynx-and-scripting-hostile, but works fine with Firefox/NoScript.

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