[conspire] Certificate rewrite concern

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Tue Mar 15 15:12:11 PDT 2011

> Ultimately, if you want to have your own rights and your privacy while
> using the Internet, the best way is to pay for your own independent
> access.  E.g., back in the day, I had a Metricom Ricochet radio modem,
> and if I really wanted to gain access to the Internet independently from
> my employer, I used the radio modem rather than the corporate network.

I've been reasonably happy with my mifi 2200 from virgin mobile.
Sometimes it has a little trouble getting going but once I have a
connection it works pretty well and is $40/mo.

Sadly they're only offering that deal to people who bought it initally
and are staying up on payments- anyone else pays $10 for 10 days
with at 100MB cap.  Unless you buy it through walmart, but I didn't
really pay any attention to that detail since it didn't apply to me- you
can certainly dukgo that...

((BTW, did you notice I said dukgo and not google in the above?
duckduckgo has been using the slogan "we don't track you, google
does" lately and I've bought it so far.  Well, the former part- there's
nothing to buy in the latter.))


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