[conspire] Community wired ISP [was Re: ISP]

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Jun 20 10:32:29 PDT 2011

The important stuff:

>> ... If I could, I'd factor that out too but I can't
>> get line of sight to Marin (unwired) or a particular piece of
>> Potrero (monkeybrains).  I wonder if SFLAN could be revived.
> There have been various proposals for SFLAN-like projects which fell
> apart for one reason or another. What I'd like to see is a grass-roots
> community-based _wired_ ISP.

I'd like to hear more about this concept.  Are you thinking
there should be a nonprofit CLEC?  Since I'm not exactly
sure what a CLEC is, I read:


Hmm... maybe a nonprofit with and a wholly owned
corporation a la mozilla.org mozilla.com would be needed.

The picky stuff:

> If one looks at the numbers, that's not very different.

And yet you said "exactly the same"


>> No, AT&T is not actually out of the picture at all- they still
>> handle the wire.  If I could, I'd factor that out too but I can't
> Still, that is the same among different ADSL2+ providers.

And yet you said AT&T were out of the picture.

>> Regardless, I'm not sure why we're still discussing this- I just
>> wanted to drop some fresh details should someone be looking
>> for an ISP in the future... and I certainly have no dog in this
>> fight- I'd recommend either one- both Sonic or RawBW are
>> *great* ISPs.
> The most recent addition was for no reason other than to take it back to
> the list; I didn't really have anything else to add at that point. I
> don't see this as a fight, but it's still well past time to move on, as
> was clear to me 2 posts ago.

And yet you kept baiting me with demonstrably false statements.

Best Regards.

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