[conspire] New to CABAL's DVD/CD collection

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jun 17 21:17:29 PDT 2011

Some new listings for http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/installfest/#distros
and related passing thoughts:

Linux Mint 11 for i386 and x86_64 (1 DVD each)

Mint is one of two distros that put out a superset of Ubuntu 
plus popular proprietary codecs, drivers, multimedia apps, etc.
They're also just a bit more conservative than Ubuntu is, in key
areas, i.e., they haven't followed Ubuntu's charge into defaulting 
to the Unity desktop for GNOME.  

The other Ubuntu-plus distro (of that sort) is 'Ultimate Edition'.  As
I've said before, I really cannot understand why the hordes of people
who claim Ubuntu's the SHITZ0R because it's 'novice friendly' refuse 
to understand that the same logic _should_ impell them to prefer either
Linux Mint or Ultimate Edition even more.

Fedora 15 "Lovelock" for i586 and x86_64 (1 DVD each)

This is really Fedora's most ambitious release to date.  Lots of

Mageia version 1, i586 and x86_64 (1 DVD each)

They did it!  This is the Mandriva developer community's GNOME-based
desktop work, reassembled under a new umbrella name after Mandriva S.A.
gave them all the bum's rush in yet another corporate re-org.  If you
liked Mandriva (which still exists and has a bunch of new, lower-paid
developers in St. Petersburg), then this is your logical way forward.

YOPER Linux 2010 "Dresden", KDE3 edition, i686, CD
YOPER Linux 2010 "Dresden", LXDE edition, i686, CD
YOPER Linux 2010.1 "Dresden Reloaded", KDE4 edition, i686, CD
YOPER Linux 2010.1 "Dresden Reloaded", XFCE edition, i686, CD

YOPER is a fast, elegant desktop distribution, 686-optimised, and
produced out of New Zealand.  A very full set of AV capabilities
are included.  There is also a Fluxbox edition.  Each disk is an
installable live CD.

PCLinuxOS 2010-12 KDE Fully Monty Edition, 1 DVD
PCLinuxOS 2010-12 GNOME Edition, 1 CD

This was originally a Mandriva fork founded by 'Texstar', but now is
independent (though still using rpm).  Again, lots of AV/multimedia

Slackware 13.37 for i486 and x86_64

PartedMagic 6.2 for i486

If I had a tricky or touchy partitioning problem, I'd use this live 
CD to deal with it.

Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" Combined Desktop/Alternate DVDs, i386 and x86_64
Kubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" Combined Desktop/Alternate DVDs, i386 and x86_64

I've stopped burning the CD versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu, because this
combo DVD makes them obsolete for most purposes.

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