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Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Fri Jun 17 11:06:44 PDT 2011

>> Update- RawBW is a CLEC now, and is o[f]ferring ADSL2 over bare copper
>> in some places.  I'm upgrading in 13 days...

> So, exactly the same deal as Fusion, just presumably at different rates
> and serving different areas.

"Exactly the same deal?"  Well, I think sonic.net fusion includes a
voice line...

Re rates, begin quote:

All standalone ADSL2+, no phone service necessary:

Single line, dynamic IP
up to 3M/512K      $29.95/mo
up to 12M/1Mbps    $39.95/mo
up to 20M/1.5Mbps  $49.95/mo

Single line, static IP
up to 1.5M/384Kbps $44.95/mo
up to 3M/512Kbps   $49.95/mo
up to 6M/768Kbps   $59.95/mo
up to 12M/1Mbps    $64.95/mo
up to 20M/1.5Mbps  $79.95/mo

Bonded two lines, dynamic IP
up to 6M/768Kbps   $54.95/mo
up to 15M/1.5Mbps  $64.95/mo
up to 24M/2Mbps    $74.95/mo
up to 40Mbp/3Mbps  $99.95/mo

Bonded two lines, static IP
up to 6M/768Kbps   $79.95/mo
up to 15M/1.5Mbps  $89.95/mo
up to 24M/2Mbps    $104.95/mo
up to 40Mbp/3Mbps  $129.95/mo


There is a 10% discount available for 6-month prepay by check.

end quote

Re service areas, begin quote:

This service is slowly coming to different areas, central office (CO) by
CO; we currently have five COs in San Francisco... SNFCCA05 (25th @ Capp,
Mission District), SNFCCA01 (555 Pine, downtown north of Market), SNFCCA21
(611 Folsom, downtown South of Market), SNFCCA04 (1 McCoppin, near S.
Van Ness & Market) and SNFCCA12 (near Pine & Steiner) online, along
with SNBUCA02 in San Bruno and South San Francisco.
If you have any friends in one of these COs that might be interested in
service, please refer them; we are giving referral credits for
referrals of new residential ADSL2+ customers (no service with us in the
past year)

end quote

Oh, and you could tell them I sent you if you are feeling generous ;-)


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