[conspire] 17" PowerBook G4

ilona tecstuf at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 10 00:31:52 PDT 2011

Hello Rick and group … I would like to sell my 17” PowerBook G4 and don't know whether it is appropriate to ask the group if anyone would be interested.  If it's not okay to do so Rick I apologize.
I am using another laptop now but this is a perfectly good condition laptop with a 1 GHz PowerPC G4 Processor with 1 MB L3 Cache and 1 GB DDR SDRAM Memory.
It has a LCD Matte Finish 32-bit color Display, 160GB hard drive and DVD/CD Disk Burner.
I used it partitioned with Ubunto 9.10 plus Mac OS X.   Currently the install is only Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 (Tiger).  Also installed is OpenOffice & iLife (iTune, Garage Band, iMovie, iDvd & iWeb)
It Has Blue tooth, Ethernet,  AirPort Extreme Card and built-in K56flex V.92 Modem and both 400 & 800 Firewire ports; 2 USB ports and a PCI Card Slot;  
Sorry I can’t afford to give it away.   For $650 it would also include an almost new 17” Targus carrying case.
If anyone is interested you can also reach me at <okidokiu at earthlink.net>

Thanks ...  ilona
Redwood City
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