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(Meanwhile, on the Skeptic mailing list....)

My thanks to Nick Moffitt for fixing a rather bizarre if not
disturbing dialogue-attribution error in a Doctor Who .signature .

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Quoting Michael D. Sofka (sofkam at rpi.edu):

> Been there too:
> "We're lost."
> me: "Define your terms."
> "We took a wrong turn."
> me: "We're on a tropical island in the pacific.  The road will
> end, or it will connect with the main road.  Meanwhile, we have
> no place we need to be."
> "We're lost, stop and ask directions."
> me: "To where?"

It could be worse.  You could be trapped in the dark, unable to see
anything except two distorted splotches of light, surrounded by meat,
and uncertain whether your senses map to an external world at all.


Rick Moen               The Doctor:  "I feel disoriented."
rick at linuxmafia.com     Sarah Jane Smith:  "This is the disorientation centre."
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