[conspire] Idiot waiver demands

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Sep 27 14:54:09 PDT 2010

Quoting Keith Wood (kw6 at xmission.com):

> If that guy had shoplifted a roll of Scotch tape, the video would be
> used to convict him of armed robbery (steal something while armed
> and that's 211), but their employee starts a chain of events leading
> to death, and they don't have video . . ?

Remember, kids:  If you see interesting police activity underway, you
should consider using your cellular 'phone's video or still-image camera
to document it while standing, at least, maybe 50 feet away[1], in a
location where you cannot be seen, preferably on private property.  If
you do film something interesting, ask a lawyer to make sure you cannot
be charge with violating the wiretap laws, then make copies for the
press and only _then_ take your film to the authorities.

[1] It is lawful to observe police actions from 'a reasonable distance',
but the criteria applied by courts are situation-dependent.  See also:
You want to be not readily seen since many police officers will cease
independent footage first and worry about legality later.

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