[conspire] Idiot waiver demands

Keith Wood kw6 at xmission.com
Sat Sep 25 12:19:46 PDT 2010

In that link to the ARRL article, note the phrase:

"The Red Cross says it's gone to great lengths to ensure prospective 
volunteers are not giving out their Social Security numbers to anyone 
other than the contractor . . ."

It's the CONTRACTOR that I don't trust!

They are the ones who have the bit about getting any and all information 
using the authorization that I give them, AND that they are allowed to 
do anything they please with the information.

ARC is only to blame to the extent that they hired the contractor and 
went along with this whole idea.

Just because it's a COMPANY doesn't give me reason to give them the keys 
to my whole life!

On a related note, I have stopped going to Costco, after a shooting 
incident at one of their stores down in the Sharp End (Las Vegas metro). 
  Four cops killed a man who was legally armed (CCW), after being called 
by a Costco employee, witnesses say the cops are to blame . . .and 
Costco says that the the security video is "damaged beyond recovery."

If that guy had shoplifted a roll of Scotch tape, the video would be 
used to convict him of armed robbery (steal something while armed and 
that's 211), but their employee starts a chain of events leading to 
death, and they don't have video . . ?

Yeah, right . . .

Keith R. Wood

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