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Out of interest and a fetish for new world order (in the morning) - has
anyone asked and maybe got a response s to why they need this information?
 On Sep 24, 2010 9:01 PM, "Rick Moen" <rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> Quoting Keith Wood (kw6 at xmission.com):
>> I used to volunteer with the American Red Cross, and probably spent
>> a couple of thousand hours over the years working disaster
>> communications.
>> That ended a couple of years ago, when they demanded that all
>> volunteers go through a background AND CREDIT check, with a waiver
>> which allowed the third-party credit place to do ANYTHING THEY CHOSE
>> with the private information that I was supposed to provide and
>> anything that they turned up in the checks.
> I remember when that happened.
> I was so aghast that I actually have, since then, favoured doing my
> blood donations pretty much anywhere _other_ than at American Red Cross
> chapters. I've considered ceasing to give donations to them entirely,
> and writing to the national leadership explaining why.
> I still may do so, actually -- now that blood banks want my blood again,
> after a year's deferral in 2008-9 for medical reasons that are now
> history and need not be detailed here.
> For a long time, the 'American Red Cross' link on the front page of
> linuxmafia.com (in the 'Dept. of Web-Search Juice' area on the bottom
> that's basically a Hall of Shame box) has for a long time pointed to an
> ARRL _The Amateur Amateur_ news item, 'ARRL President Airs Concerns
> about Required Red Cross Background Checks'. ARRL seems to have 404'ed
> that 2006 piece, but here's an archive copy:
> At that time, American Red Cross was _claiming_ to require only a
> 'criminal background check' but was in fact 'requiring permission to
> draw a consumer and/or investigative consumer report on the volunteer
> [...] that could also include a credit check and a mode-of-living check.'
> Here's a more-recent ARRL article (March 2010) where American Red Cross
> made the _slightly_ less ridiculous concession that 'ARRL volunteers may
> arrange, at their own initiative and expense, to have the criminal
> background check performed by a state or local law enforcement agency'
> The Red Cross also has agreed that ARRL volunteers shall not be asked or
> required to consent to credit checks, mode of living investigations or
> investigative consumer reports in order to provide a communications
> function.'
> However: 'The ARRL and the Red Cross encourage interested volunteers in
> their respective organizations to become members and to participate in
> the activities of the other organization. ARRL volunteers should be
> aware that if they wish to become Red Cross volunteers, they may be
> required to consent to additional background checks in accordance with
> Red Cross policy that may include credit checks, mode of living
> investigations or investigative consumer reports.'
> http://www.arrl.org/news/arrl-red-cross-sign-memorandum-of-understanding
> You know, yeah, screw that. I'd laugh, too.
> And I think I may get around to writing that letter.
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