[conspire] More distro politics: Mandriva to Mageia. OpenIndiana.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 21 21:43:56 PDT 2010

> And of course, it was named Project Indiana by the founder of Debian,
> from Indiana.  

The estimable Ian Murdock, B.A. in CS from Purdue University (not IU).  
Mid-2007 news story:

   The goal of Sun's Project Indiana is to create an OpenSolaris binary
   distribution that is community driven. The hopes for this binary
   distribution is that it will increase the Solaris user-base and
   mind-share through providing easy access to Solaris/OpenSolaris

   Similar to Ubuntu and Fedora, this new OpenSolaris distribution will see
   a six month release cycle. While Project Indiana has been operating
   behind closed doors, the intention is that this binary distribution will
   be a community grass-roots project but will be head by Ian Murdock
   himself. One of Ian's priorities for this new distribution is to have a
   reliable package management system (as he described during JavaOne
   2007). Ultimately it looks like they are trying to make OpenSolaris so
   that can be easily installed and used by all interested parties and to
   some extent copying some of the Linux successes. 

Murdock was hired somewhere around '07 as Sun's Chief OS Strategist, and
then Vice President of Emerging Platforms, finally resigning at the time
of the Oracle acquisition.

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