[conspire] Xubuntu 10.10 and xfce4-terminal

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Wed Oct 13 15:26:23 PDT 2010


Is there a default XFCE alias for xfce4-terminal, maybe something like "term"?

(bottom bullet item specifically, below)

I did a new install of Xubuntu 10.10 on my circa 2003 Compaq Presario
X1000 (512MB RAM) laptop yesterday. Nice. A few things that had
stopped working in Xubuntu 10.4 and are now working in 10.10 are: (1)
spell-check-as-you-type in Firefox, (2) Turning off computer. Here's a
little fiddling I did to get things how I like them, and that prompted
above question:

* I updated the various packages that were ready for updating already
when the icon in the panel prompted me to.

* I added the Adobe Flash Player plugin installer,
"flashplugin-installer," to get Flash working:

sudo apt-get intall flashplugin-installer

No, I didn't know what the flash plugin would be called. So I searched
for "adobe" in Applications > System > Synaptic Package Manager and
chose "flashplugin-installer" as the likeliest to work plugin. Works.

* I moved Panel 1 from the top of the screen to the left edge of
screen where I like it. I did that by right clicking on the panel and
selecting "Customise Panel."

* I added Dictionary and Clipman to the panel by right clicking the
Panel and selecting Add New Items.

* I added a "Terminal" Launcher to the Panel by right clicking the
Panel and selecting Add New Item > Launcher and typing
"xfce4-terminal" into the Command field. That is _not_ obvious to
newcomers. I tried command "terminal" but "terminal" (part of
rsplib-tools) is not installed in Xubuntu 10.10 by default apparently.
No matter, xfce4-terminal is present and works as long as you know how
to call it. Xfce4-terminal is what opens when you click Applications >
Accesories > Terminal but it is _not_ obvious that the _command_ to
get a Terminal open is "xfce4-terminal." Hmm... Would be nice it
XFCE's Add New Item to Panel menu included a Terminal. I wonder why it

Palo Alto

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