[conspire] question regarding mounting the Seagate FreeAgent Go 1T drive

Mark S Bilk mark at cosmicpenguin.com
Sun Mar 28 16:49:14 PDT 2010

I have a Seagate Freeagent Desk 1TB USB drive.  I deleted the 
original NTFS partition and made a new one using cfdisk (which 
I found to be the most user-friendly of the partitioner 
programs).  I put an ext3 filesystem in that partition.

To mount it, I just plug it in, and after I get (and dismiss)
the popup, I give the simplest possible mount command:

mount /dev/sdx1 /mnt

where x is the disk letter assigned by the system (IIRC it 
always assigns the next unused one).  To be sure, you can 
run cfdisk /dev/sdx for various values of x, or maybe 
/proc/diskstats or /proc/partitions will list it even before 
it's mounted.

This simple mount command works fine for me.  I've been using 
the drive for full backup.  I'm always careful to umount the 
drive before disconnecting the USB or power cables, as I've 
read that failure to do so can destroy the data on the drive.

I've never encountered the timeout problem.  Either it's 
been fixed, or I didn't wait long enough between operations
to see it.


On Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 03:25:50PM -0700, Darlene Wallach wrote:
>After I partition, format and label the Seagate FreeAgent Go 1T drive
>and I'm ready to mount it is this what I should use:
>mount -t fuseblk -o rw,nosuid, nodev,allow_other,blocksize=4096
>/dev/sdb1 /media/<myLabel>
>Should I add - uhelper=hal to the mount?
>mount -t fuseblk -o rw,nosuid,
>nodev,uhelper=hal,allow_other,blocksize=4096 /dev/sdb1 /media/<myLabel>
>what about adding shortname=lower to the mount?
>mount -t fuseblk -o rw,nosuid,
>nodev,uhelper=hal,shortname=lower,allow_other,blocksize=4096 /dev/sdb1
>Thank you for your attention, consideration, and feedback.
>Darlene Wallach
>equal justice under law

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