[conspire] laptop that got pineapple juice in the keyboard

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Get the drive out , recover file . Or abandon it and survive without the file . You may want to use the goodness of extra pure water to clean stuff , like the industry , but it's expensive . Only consider the data recovery pro if truly desperate . Possibly sell the parts online as it's hard to isolate the failure without a known good machine for all part swapping . - good luck as I fear you may need it - Bruce

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I am trying to decide what to do with a laptop that got pineapple
juice in the keyboard. It functioned with a few stuck keys for several
days, then stopped booting into Linux. Enough of the circuitry
functions so that the hard drive light comes on briefly when I turn it
on, and I can shut down normally with the power button. I don't know
whether it can be fixed, or whether I will have to get the hard drive
taken out and mounted elsewhere. I am open to questions and
knowledgeable suggestions. Jokes that are more funny than painful are
also acceptable.

Almost all of my files are backed up, except for one that I turn out
to need as soon as possible. I have another computer with Linux....

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