[conspire] DVI to VGA (was Re: CABAL this Saturday)

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Thu Jul 29 11:36:33 PDT 2010

> And as to /tmp, /var/tmp (be those tmpfs or not), and /var/lock, NO.
> On _flash_, Tony?  That makes no sense.  ...

Uh, the point of tmpfs is to *not* write to physical disk.


My intended point was to minimize unnecessary writing of flash and
powering up of platters.

> ... Horrors.  'Minimize logging'?
> Are you not clear on this being my _server_?  No, it makes no sense to
> minimise logging on a general-purpose Web / shell / ssh / rsync / SMTP /
> ftp / mailing list server.

Heh.  Yeah, I guess no spin-down is practical.

> Basically, I'd find some way to use flash _if_ it came with the system
> unit, but it's a hassle to deploy if limiting it only to parts of the
> filesystem without frequent writes (which of course includes atime).

Right.  It's only intended value is to prevent powering up of platters
drivers and thus minimize power use.

> A key aim of home server design is minimal hassle.  Like, for example,
> md-driver RAID1 mirroring, which is a thing of beauty and power for busy
> sysadmins wanting home servers that are functional, reliable, low-cost,
> and hassle-free.  I'd have to md-mirror a _pair_ of flash devices to get
> that same degree of win.  _And_ have an md-mirror of HDs.
> Overengineering.  Feh.

Your point is well taken.  I withdraw my suggestion.


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