[conspire] Reliable 1.5TB SATA drives?

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Mon Jul 26 23:18:20 PDT 2010

> now, after all that 'brand doesn't matter' I personally avoid samsung...
> I had a spate of bad drives from them.  I 4 out of the 5 samsung drives
> I bought (2 of them enterprise grade)  died within the first 6 months...
> though this is a small sample size, and may just be chance.   Personally,
> I use mostly western digital these days, though this is not due to a
> perceived quality difference, but because the western digital enterprise
> drives cost less than the seagate enterprise drives.

I personally avoid Hitachi for the same reason.  I use mostly Seagate
these days because for nearly the same price of a the other brands you
can get one with a five-year warranty.


>> Western Digital's Elements external USB drive is only
>> warranteed for 1 year, so I think I should go with bare
>> drives and put them in a fan-cooled USB or eSATA enclosure.
>> But the drive has to be good, hence my initial question.

I bought several Seagate external USB drives over the past couple of
years with *five year* warranties.

> do you care about the data or the drive?  if you care about the data and
> not the drive, the warranty shouldn't matter, as that doesn't help your data.

That's B.S.  The warranty is the only real indicator we have of drive
quality.  Because a manufacturer can't afford to put a long warranty
on drives that they expect to fail within the time range- replacing a
batch of bad drives isn't cheap.


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