[conspire] (forw) Could one of you open this Saturday's CABAL?

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Tue Jan 5 19:43:45 PST 2010


I could probably open the Cabal session, but someone else would need to
close it down because I will probably leave early. (Opening time = 1 PM?)


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> Subject: Could one of you open this Saturday's CABAL?
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> Last summer, O'Reilly and other companies made available meeting space
> at the same conference center where OSCON occurred, the following
> weekend, for a "Community Leadership Summit 2009" unconference.  It was
> interesting fun, and only minimally infested by boring corporate
> bullshit.
> As a follow-on, this weekend, DeVry University in Daly City is hosting
> Community Leadership Summit West (http://clswest.blogspot.com/).
> I'm going to be there -- which means there's a scheduling conflict with
> this coming Saturday's CABAL.
> CLS West will run into the evening -- about 5 PM.  I might go out to an
> early dinner with attendees, and there are related evening events at
> Google's downtown San Francisco office (http://clswest.eventbrite.com/),
> so I might be back at, say, 10 PM.
> Could one of you two open up this Saturday's CABAL?  All equipment would
> be set up in advance.
> If nobody does, I'll have to cancel, in part because Deirdre will be out
> of town, and asking Cheryl to look after CABAL is a no-go.
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