[conspire] (forw) Could one of you open this Saturday's CABAL?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 5 18:17:56 PST 2010


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Date: Tue, 5 Jan 2010 17:41:21 -0800
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Subject: Could one of you open this Saturday's CABAL?
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Last summer, O'Reilly and other companies made available meeting space
at the same conference center where OSCON occurred, the following
weekend, for a "Community Leadership Summit 2009" unconference.  It was
interesting fun, and only minimally infested by boring corporate

As a follow-on, this weekend, DeVry University in Daly City is hosting
Community Leadership Summit West (http://clswest.blogspot.com/).  
I'm going to be there -- which means there's a scheduling conflict with 
this coming Saturday's CABAL.

CLS West will run into the evening -- about 5 PM.  I might go out to an
early dinner with attendees, and there are related evening events at
Google's downtown San Francisco office (http://clswest.eventbrite.com/),
so I might be back at, say, 10 PM.

Could one of you two open up this Saturday's CABAL?  All equipment would
be set up in advance.

If nobody does, I'll have to cancel, in part because Deirdre will be out
of town, and asking Cheryl to look after CABAL is a no-go.

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