[conspire] More Firefox Addon problems - this tie from MS

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> It's also easy to run remotely, if you set up your
> friend's machine with sshd.
I use ssh-server all the time from inside my home network, but am a
little unclear how I'd do if over the net to their house, given that
they don't have a fixed IP address.  Their ISP would just assign a
random IP address, no?  I guess I could get them to send me an email
and use the first IP address in the header, but wouldn't that be
subject to change while I'm in the middle of upgrading?  Also,
wouldn't that just give me their router's IP address?  Wouldn't their
computer have something in the 192.168.x.x range or 10.x.x.x?  I guess
I'd need to configure their router to pass SSH through or maybe set up
a VPN?  I know there are service like GoToMyPC, but they are
relatively expensive (~$20).

I really would like to figure out how to control other folks' PCs
remotely with VNC or whatever.  I have an attorney friend who is
recovering from a stroke and closed his office (with his secretary)
and now works from home and he has almost no computer skills.  Getting
him to run a file manager is a horror, especially since he doesn't
have a phone headset and has to put down the phone to use the keyboard
with his one good hand. I hate driving 20 miles every time he can't
find a document.  He dual boots Windows & Hardy.  Yesterday I couldn't
coach him through printing out a document in either (I know I set up
his printer in both environments, but he's in his 70s and his
description of what was happening on the screen just left me
flummoxed).  That's when I started looking at GoToMyPC.  I could use a
good belting with a clue-stick.
> Once you do have your software load down to a
> sensible level:
> sudo apt-get install cron-apt
> (It's a tool that will do the "-d" part for you in
> the background, so that you have all the packages
> already downloaded when you start your upgrade.)
That's a great suggestion, Don, I'll add that to my arsenal.

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