[conspire] another 'survey' - home VPN server

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Wed Dec 22 17:49:25 PST 2010

>> i'm looking to install a VPN server at home, so i can connect while away.
>> i'm not sure what the technical terminology is, but i'm looking to having
>> access to all machines on the network (get an IP on the network, assigned
>> by the DHCP server, i guess).  any recommendation? i am a bit familiar with
>> openVPN, but ...

> I've used OpenVPN for this, in several different organizations, with good
> success.  ...

Why are you looking for something else?  I've been OpenVPN in
production environments for nearly a decade- it is solid and stable.

Alternatively if you value security and don't really want to expose
one whole network to another, ssh tunneling works great for tunneling
specific services here and there.


> having access to the machines on your network), but it's not that awful to
> do (and there's good help to be found for this online), and also really
> doesn't require much of any hand-holding once it's set up.
> You can feel free to email me offlist if you have specific questions.
> DR
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