[conspire] (forw) Re: Unity on Wayland

Tony Godshall tony at of.net
Sat Dec 4 16:42:50 PST 2010

>> > My take on recent graphical-desktop news.
>> >
> OK - I see it.  It cores, likely do to no opengl on this box, but I see
> the silly toss everything around like a salad affect...
> I'll pass.

On Ubuntu in the last three releases (at least), can check
compatibility and turn on Compiz-based 3-D effects like so...

  System, Preferences, Appearance, Visual Effects, Extra

If it turns on, some things look kewl, like window-dragging (wobble)
and Windows-key-tab window switching (like shuffling cards) and you'll
see transparency effects here and there.  If it turns on, it also
bodes well for 3-D tools like blender, CAD, and games.  If these
things don't interest you, then "I'll pass" is a fine response.

If it doesn't, it means your chipset or driver doesn't support 3-D.

If it crashes, it means the compatibility-check isn't quite up to
snuff yet.  File a bug report.


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