[conspire] (forw) Re: For Saturday's CABAL: Advice on old Mac

Breen Mullins bpm at sdf.org
Wed Aug 11 16:55:50 PDT 2010

* Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> [2010-08-11 16:35 -0700]:

>----- Forwarded message from Jesse Monroy <jesse650 at gmail.com> -----
>A customer of Will Crawford gave us a Power PC/ Power Macintosh
>9600/300 with instructions to make a charitable community use of it.
>We plan on loading Linux or NetBSD and giving it to a homeless
>shelter. We would like your and Diere's (sp) advice on how to
>configure the machine for best use, and possibly best donation
>----- End forwarded message -----

>OpenSUSE, Fedora, and a bunch of others have PowerPC builds, but you'd
>have to strip them down quite a bit after installation, which I'm not
>sure is worth the trouble:  Here's a list of all Linux/BSD systems still
>supporting PowerPC:

You're also going to run into the deplorable state of Flash support on 
PowerPC Linux. Even if you get max RAM into this box, and strip the 
installation down, I don't think you'll ever get an acceptable
entry-level machine. There may be uses for a PM9600, but I don't 
think putting it in a shelter or school or library will work.

Breen Mullins
bpm at sdf.org

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