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Wed Mar 4 04:46:17 PST 2009

On Tue, Mar 03, 2009 at 10:15:59PM -0800, Eric De Mund wrote:
> ducting a job hunt and don't own a fax machine, nor a landline, I want
> to be able to receive them should I need to.
> It turns out that that is still possible with efax.com:
>     eFax Free Account (hidden web page)
>     http://www.efax.com/efax-free
> Messages are emailed to you in the proprietary .efx format, but:
> 1.  One can also view them in one's (graphical) browser at the efax.com
>     "Message Center":
>     eFax Message Center
>     https://www.efax.com/en/efax/emf/getStorageMessagesFr

The tiff format is a widely supported format, often used for faxes. 
For UNIX/Linux systems, tiff may be easier to work with.

Efax will send you faxes in tiff format if you ask them to.  This was
done by email in the past, now a web based form has to be used to send
them the email.  The form is available here:


click on the the "Contact Support" tab and use that contact form
to request tiff format. 

IIRC "support at efax.com" was the address that used to be used to 
send requests to. Dunno if its still supported.

tiff format is natively supported by a number of graphics viewers on
UNIX and Linux.

Efax also suggests the swiftview program : 

Jeff Kinz

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