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You might want to read more about tofu, which is most definitely not
fermented, merely coagulated. I do not know whether you will decide
that it is unhealthful, but whichever choice you make, it should be
based on facts.


On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 9:31 PM, Rick Moen<rick at linuxmafia.com> wrote:
> I wrote:
>> We at CABAL also keep having this problem concerning, oddly enough,
>> things to drink:  Randoms off the street seem to expect that I'll have
>> fizzy soda cans with high fructose corn syrup for them.  My household
>> doesn't have that stuff _ever_, let alone push it on guests.
> This has always been the case, but attendees last Saturday may have
> noticed that we at 1105 Altschul have gone a step further.
> We've become aware that the intrusion of highly processed (and
> taxpayer-subsidised) corn products, soy products, and wheat products
> into American foods -- including meats -- has run amok, and that the
> only way to end the insanity, for the sake of our health and our dining
> enjoyment, is to not play the game.  People who attended this Saturday's
> CABAL got to have my fresh beef stew, which was based on grass-fed
> longhorn beef that I bought that morning at the Palo Alto farmer's
> market, and on organic vegetables that I either bought at that market or
> grew myself in my own organic garden.  The fresh salad I served: same
> story, farmer's market organics and garden organics.
> The health problem is real, and acute, and indisputable, and not at all
> funny.  All those friends of yours, or maybe you yourself, who have been
> suffering the current American epidemic of type-2 diabetes, or
> circulatory disease, or (many) cancers:  There's a considerable chance
> that the "Western diet" has been a very major causative factor.
> We've dumped the household's supply of soy sauce[1] and many other
> commercial sauces, dumped the soy flour, and are moving towards
> predominantly whole grains, whole-grain flours, more vegetables and
> fruits concerning which we have confidence that they're grown for real
> food value rather than just quantity and shelf life at the expense of
> real food content.  We buy and use real, non-homogenised fresh milk,
> real unprocessed fresh yogurts, range-raised chicken, and so on -- foods
> bought locally from farmers whose practices we have confidence in, and
> not just the same old industrialised food-like stuff from the middle
> aisles of the supermarket, shipped from gods-know-where.
> We've also starting politely insisting that attendees take their
> leftover food _with_ them when they leave, because -- no offence -- we're
> pretty sure about what we choose to buy, but not about what you do.
> Not a single one of us at 1105 Altschul has ever been any variety of
> food faddist, but we're dead-serious that this is better food from every
> perspective, much better for our health _and_ better tasting.
> And we're still not going to have fizzy water crammed with high-fructose
> corn syrup.  And, if you bring your own, you'll definitely need to take
> your extras home with you.  Please.
> In case any of you wants to read more:
> o  All local farmers' markets:
>   http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/farmers-markets.html
> o  Essential reading, Michael Pollan's _In Defense of Food_ (note free PDF
>   copy of chapter 1):  http://www.michaelpollan.com/indefense.php
> o  Upcoming limited-release film, "Food, Inc.":
>   http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/food_inc/
> [1] We bought organic tamari to replace the dumped commercial soy sauce,
> which is quite hazardous to one's health:  Shoyu and tamari are fine in
> moderate quantities, as are other _fermented_ soy products such as tofu,
> tempeh, miso, and natto.  Soy lecithin is also more-or-less fine.
> Cultures from which we picked up soy production -- China, Japan,
> Indonesia -- all learned over hundreds of years that fermentation is
> necessary to remove harmful components -- and that is precisely what is
> _not_ done with the soy crammed into a large percentage of industrialised
> food.  See: http://www.soyonlineservice.co.nz/  http://www.soyinfo.com/
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