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Fyi, Grant

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Last minute notice, I know, but there will be an installfest tomorrow, 9:30
a.m. to 4 pm at a public middle school at Geary and Scott Streets in San
Francisco.  There is ample free parking.  If you are interested in showing
up and you have questions, please feel free to call Christian Einfeldt at
415-351-1300.  On the day of the event, please also feel free to call Jeff
Shippen at 505-803-3456.

The reason that it is last minute is that one key volunteer decided on the
spur of the moment today to offer to come, and so I just thought that I
would announce the installfest to see if anyone else might also be
interested.  My apologies for the last minute notice.

The computers will be deployed there at the school; or given to kids who
attend that school; or will be sent to Mexico, where GNOME Foundation
Executive Director Stormy Peters is building a Linux lab at a school:


Thanks either way for considering this request!

Christian Einfeldt
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