[conspire] July schedule posted

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jul 7 02:24:59 PDT 2009

I wrote:

> On the bright side, PHP iCalendar solves a bunch of other problems.  
> My installed version, 0.9.4 beta, is ancient.  The current 2.31 release 
> (notably) supports the user's choice of RSS version 0.91, 1.0, and 2.0,
> [and thus] neatly sidesteps that religious issue.
> I've never used http://linuxmafia.com/calendar/ as part of my production
> environment, just as something I've played with -- but that can easily 
> change.

I've just set up PHP iCalendar 2.31 (latest release) in a different
directory (http://linuxmafia.com/cal), and there are a couple of

1.  It's ridiculously slow.  As a page load on my local LAN,
http://linuxmafia.com/cal/month.php?cal=bale takes four seconds, whereas 
http://linuxmafia.com/calendar/month.php?cal=bale (v. 0.9.4 beta) is a
much more reasonable fraction of a second.

2.  http://linuxmafia.com/cal/ somehow misparses and garbles its display
of the contents of the bale.ics data file's SUMMARY field, making a mess
of each BALE event.

The way things stand, I'm rather likely to stick with the beta.

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