[conspire] UTF-8

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Tue Jan 13 04:12:42 PST 2009

Rick Moen:
> Consequently, if you assert that something between me and my MTA is
> processing your funny crypto-Unicode characters in some undesirable
> way, I'd have a real treasure hunt trying to track down where that is
> allegedly happening, and figuring out what to do about it.  And also,
> of course, in general somewhat higher priorities than attempting that.

Yeah, I went through a few years ago and poked each layer of my own
ssh-screen-mutt/irssi chain to do the UTF-8 thing, because I needed to
have both Japanese and ascii-with-accents on the screen at once
(something codepage flipping Just Can't Do).  You end up needing to
completely restart screen and all session windows, despite all the
documents hinting that you can just re-attach with -U.

I'll try to write up how I finally shook it all out sometime.  It's
mostly just irritating.

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                -- Alan Cox                   nick at zork.net

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