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Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Mon Apr 13 21:11:34 PDT 2009

Over the last week, there were several emails about how to set up my new PC.  For those who followed the emails, but missed the last CABAL, here is summary of what happened:

I used the installed Windows XP and Partition Magic to create and format partitions.  It took quite a while to create new partitions while preserving existing data files.

At CABAL, not unexpectedly, there were many opinions on the merits of many distros.  Rick also showed an online questionnaire which gave a 100% match several distros.  Eventually I reached the conclusion that I could probably install some of the popular distros on my own.  However try Debian just might require the expertise that was abudant at CABAL.  

The basic install went reasonably smoothly, but it did take a while.  I had the misfortune of getting to the download from mirror site about the same time that several other people were also needing to do down loads.  The good news is that this was also about the time that Chef Rick finished the slow braised beef.

Eventually the install was finished, but upon restarting the computer it skipped GRUB and went directly to XP.  Christian Huebner stepped in.  Eventually it was determined that the partition with Linux did not have a UUID.   Partition Magic had not created on.  Because I bypassed formatting during the Debian install, it also did not write a UUID.  It is not know if the Debian install would write a UUID if it had been used to format the partitions.

After trying several things, Chris decided to make up a number with the correct number of digits, hypens and spaces and write a UUID.  Then he had to hand edit menu.lst for GRUB.

The next, and fortunately last step was for Chris to use his laptop to find the instructions to download the appropriate video driver from the NVidia web site.

Thanks Rick and Chris.

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