[conspire] A multi distro usb stick

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 13 19:17:20 PDT 2009

One could use isomaster and portable linux to put together a multi booting usb stick resembling the  ultimate boot cd distro .  I'd like to see them configured to easily use the same local repository on the 4 or 8g stick .  Or use rpm and make it easy for a different distro to 'alien' the packages .  I suppose one would carefully include proprietary stuff as an easy option to add that will let one download from the already uncommented debian volatile , so one can easily get out and update against malware .  If the first distro doesn't setup the hardware right then try another from the stick , all smaller than one might expect , smaller from using the same local repository .  Also , I NEED to change the openoffice on the MEPIS install my main user uses .  

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