[conspire] curious as to why Seagate would offer a 1.5T external hard drive with only USB 2.0

Luke S Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Mon Apr 13 13:13:37 PDT 2009

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> writes:

> Quoting Luke S Crawford (lsc at prgmr.com):
> > I normally use the backplanes on my supermicros, but it would be
> > convienient to transfer a terribyte or two using my car, at times. 
> There are times when you just can't beat the bandwidth of a car full of
> recorded media -- even if the latency does suck ass.

In the late 90's I was working at an ISP that had gotten bought by a larger ISP
(who ended up getting bought by a even larger ISP that is still around, 
but that was after I left.)   I was doing  some work to transfer data from 
our authentication systems to their newer LDAP systems.   We were in 
California, our new owners were on the east coast.   To copy the user mail 
and other user data, we considered, for a bit, burning a bunch of CDs and 
just flying them over, but considering the labor (and potential errors...
imagine the pain of a mislabeled disk, or a coaster.)  we decided against
the 747 full of tapes idea.

We ended up just doing the month-long rsync, if I remember correctly.  

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