[conspire] Comments on setting up disk partitions.

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Thanks for your patience.

To clarify things.  There is a legacy limitation of 4 real disk partitions.  (I am sure that 4 was once seen as a "big number". The first computer I actually owned used 8 inch floppies.  After I upgraded to double sided drives, I was thrilled get CPM and WordStar on one floppy.  I kept my documents on different floppy.  Now that machine is in the museum.)

Once fdisk has been properly executed, the effective result is sda1, sda2, sda3, sda5, sda6, ...  Not an issue as long as you are mindful when defining the extended partitions and don't look for sda4.

I obviously want to share some files, for example, Thunderbird stores its data files to be accessed by which ever OS is running.  In previous email, there was a link telling how to tell Thunderbird what directory to use instead of the default.  What format for a shared partition?

The Linux people has figured out tools that handle NTFS rather well.  There are also tools that allegedly allow windows to handle EXT2 and EXT3.  Or maybe it would be best to make to format one partition as VFAT or FAT32.  Accept that that partition is not optimal for either OS, but will function properly.

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