[conspire] Comments on setting up disk partitions.

jim jim at well.com
Sat Apr 4 17:30:35 PDT 2009

   i try to think about what i want to back up and 
ensure that partitions for commonly changed files 
exist in size and number to allow copies. 

   i try to remember that copies may be copies of 
degraded or otherwise corrupt, unwanted stuff. thus 
i have live stuff on the expected partitions, and 
on backup partitions i have OLD, OLDER, OLDEST, 
and CRUFT (directories, in this case, though they 
could be partitions) and for every backup copy 
live to OLD. 

   i've got partitions for libraries and commands in 
the event i suspect some libraries and commands may 
have been co-opted as part of a root kit: i can 
overwrite by copying. i've never used them, but 
they're there, just in case. 

   these days i use usb sticks. my total ubuntu server 
system is under 2GB (no media files, no big databases), 
though i've got the partitions on the hard drives as 

On Sat, 2009-04-04 at 11:51 -0700, Paul Zander wrote:
> My basic question is what disk partitions to set up on a new desktop.
> This is not a server.  I have a particular computer problem instigated
> by a dead mother board, but I am sure other people must have had
> similar puzzlements in the past or will in the future. 
> The machine must be dual boot to support personal finance software as
> recently discussed on SVLUG. Besides I could transfer the existing
> license at no charge.
> As background, I will agree with the concepts in
> http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Admin/   Good to have different types of
> files in different partitions.
> I also had a bad experience with a windoz PC which was set up by IT at
> my place of work.. The computer developed a problem with the power
> supply that basically caused the machine to shut down while booting
> up. After I had tried several times to turn it on, and IT tried
> several times to turn it on, and tech support tried several times to
> turn it on, everything in the “My documents” folder had been
> thoroughly trashed. Everything in a separate partition was fine.
> The new machine has three hard drives:
> new 500 GB SATA
> used 200 GB IDE (has partitions from previous Linux install, but its
> time to update the OS)
> used 120 GB IDE (has some partitions with data files, and also what
> was C: which can now be re-purposed.)
> It would be really nifty to have Thunderbird set up to run on both
> OS's but share the same email data files.
> It might be a good idea to have partitions to back up data on other
> drives.
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