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Pretty decent undergrad paper.  Uses my "rants" page as a referene


Spyware/Viruses in Linux
By David Stone

November 28, 2006 AD
CS343 - Operating Systems I
Fall Semester, 2006
Dr. Barry Myers


The purpose of this paper is to investigate the possibility of viruses
in Linux and to demonstrate how viruses work and spread.  We will look at
the fundamental security differences between Linux and Windows that make
viruses so common in Windows and almost unheard of in Linux.


Creating a Linux virus is trivial but getting it out in the wild and
infecting large amounts of systems is very difficult.  Design differences
make Linux much less susceptible to viral infections than Windows.
Security holes are much less common and diversity makes targeting
specific software bugs less effective.  Anti-virus software will never be
needed in Linux and education is still the best defense against viruses
and malware.

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