[conspire] Guido van Rossum is retiring

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Apr 1 14:32:47 PDT 2009



The BDFL, having shepherded Python development for 20 years, officially
announces his retirement, effective immediately. Following a unanimous
vote, his replacement is named.


Guido wrote the original implementation of Python in 1989, and after
nearly 20 years of leading the community, has decided to step aside as
its Benevolent Dictator For Life. His official title is now Benevolent
Dictator Emeritus Vacationing Indefinitely from the Language (BDEVIL).
Guido leaves Python in the good hands of its new leader and its vibrant
community, in order to train for his lifelong dream of climbing Mount

After unanimous vote of the Python Steering Union (not to be confused
with the Python Secret Underground, which emphatically does not exist)
at the 2009 Python Conference (PyCon [7] 2009), Guido's successor has
been chosen: Barry Warsaw, or as he is affectionately known, Uncle
Barry. Uncle Barry's official title is Friendly Language Uncle For Life

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