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On 9/29/08, Edward Cherlin <echerlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> We heard on the news as you were on your way from Cyprus and when you
> were permitted to land, but that was the last the media took note of
> you. How have the Hebrew and Arabic papers and other media responded?
> What have you been doing since the landing? Is anybody else going to
> try landing?


I have tried to respond three or four times. The cursor keeps jumping
around and I keep losing my response. I hope this time it will work.

I don't know specifically about Hebrew and Arabic papers. I do know
people said we were in some papers. I do know there was a lot of
online coverage.

I along with most of the others who stayed on in the Gaza Strip have
been working with ISM-Rafah. A few of us spend most of our time in
Gaza City and go out with the fishermen as much as possible, though
lately the weather and now Eid have interrupted fishing. My sister
Donna and a few other ISMers have written reports of our work and
http://palsolidarity.org then select "Gaza Region"

Vittorio Arrigoni has a blog, mostly in Italian but with some English:
guerrilla radio

I need to improve my writing skills as I have not written a report
yet, though have had amazing experiences.

The boat that was scheduled to return from Cyprus to Gaza has been
delayed, hence Donna and I are still here. A boat will return, we just
don't know when. Which makes life very interesting. I am privileged
and honored to be here in the Gaza Strip in solidarity with the
Palestinians against the siege and against the occupation. The
courage, bravery, spirit and resistance of the Palestinians is
amazing, awesome. The kindness, love, generosity, hospitality that is
shown us is overwhelming.

It is a travesty how the American media portrays the Palestinians.

Thank you for your interest!

Darlene Wallach

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